There are plenty of foods out there that are bad for your teeth even if they are healthy foods such as some fruit. Fruit like lemons are known to acidic and can wear down the teeth and the enamel on them causing them to look yellow. However, even that isn’t as bad as what many food out there can do to your teeth. For adults taking care of their teeth is more vital than ever as that is the only set they will have and teeth health can be directly linked to many other health problems that are out there. That’s why there are many foods out there that dentists recommend eating plenty of as they are great for the teeth and the rest of the body as well. The dentist Westchase TX offer many dentists to choose from but they all agree on those healthy foods that one should eat daily if they can. Now its understandable that people can be picky but the great thing about this list is that there is something basically for everyone on the list. For those dairy lovers there is yogurt and cheese not only are they both packed with protein and calcium but yogurt has good bacteria that fights gum disease and cavities while cheese can increase the PH in your mouth so the bacteria has a hard time to live there and to reproduce.

But if you can’t or don’t like that there are plenty of things left Leafy greens, Carrots, Celery and so much more on the list of things that are healthy for your teeth. If you are craving something sweet though grab an apple and your teeth will still continue to celebrate. Leafy greens are high in calcium along with many other healthy minerals that can help your teeth stay strong and fight those nasty cavities. For that sweet tooth apples are great because they cause you to produce more salvia which helps wash away bacteria in your mouth. Celery and carrots due a similar thing that the apples do meaning the almost everyone at least has one tooth healthy and smart choice to eat for their teeth. Teeth are something that we all know must be taken care of and foods are something we all needed but the wrong ones can cause damage to teeth making it hard to keep them strong and healthy but choose the right one and you may find yourself living with healthy teeth forever.