When you move into a new area choosing an energy company can be very difficult. You have to consider several aspects such as how this company harnesses their energy, how reliable is their service, if your home is on the grid of more than one energy company, and of course, their prices. This article is meant to help you in choosing the best energy company for you.

For those of that live in an a rural area, you may limited to just one energy provider at your home. While this greatly limits your options, you may be able to add an alternative energy source on your property such as wind or solar power and sell the excess electricity to the power company. Living in a rural area often also means that you will be the last ones to have your power restored in a mass power outage, so always keep bottled water stocked up if you have an electric well pump.

By doing some research you can find out what is the source of the energy for your individual energy company. Depending on your own value system, certain companies may be more appealing to you than others because they use alternative energy, rather than fossil fuels, or you may prefer fossil fuels because it provides more local jobs. You will have to decide for yourself if you like the way the your energy company gets power, and if not look elsewhere. As stated earlier, if you only have the option of one energy company in a rural area, you could always install some alternative energy source to power your home.

Reliable service is crucial when looking at a power company. Ask your neighbors, friends, or coworkers, and compare the response time of each company during a power outage. The quicker the response, the better coordinated. If you live in a rural area you are the last priority on the energy company’s list and may go several days before your power is restored in cases such as when a natural disaster causes widespread power outages in the towns and cities around you. You will also want to know if the company provides polite, reliable customer service for whenever you may encounter a problem. If you hear that a company has rude customer service staff it is best to stay away from the company if you have the option.

Pricing is most likely the top determining factor in whether you want to use an energy company or not. Living in a highly populated area you have the benefit of being able to look at various competing energy companies and see which one has the best deal on electric per kilowatt. See if the companies offer any bonuses or loyalty programs if you stay with them for a certain period of time. There are a few energy companies that will offer you a commission or a discount every time that you recommend their services to a friend and then they sign up for that energy company. Choosing the right energy company can be hard, but putting some time and effort into the decision can ensure that you are with an energy company that you will feel comfortable with for many years to come.